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Boa Viagem

Av Boa Viagem: Foto Rafael Medeiros / Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

Along eight kilometer coast, Boa Viagem Beach offers calm sea, full of natural swimming pools with warm water from the skerries.

Its skerries integrate the selected list of archeological brazilian sites and the water and the send are constantly monitorized by CPRH (Estate Agency for Environment and Hydric Sources) and are not poluted.

The coast presents cobblestone in concrete, wich makes it easier for desabled people to move. The beach also presents lights with resonant alert.

Old Recife Neighborhood

Marco Zero: Foto Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

It is the most ancient neighborhood in Recife; it is where everything began in the XVI century for the natural port was known as ship´skerries. In the beginning of the century, the neighborhood was reestructured and many other suntuous buildings were made.

Ilha de São José Neighborhood

Encontro dos Rios – Palácio do Governo: Foto Rafael Medeiros / Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

This neighborhood resembles the “old recife” with its narrow streets, corners, sobrados and terraces of old churches. This neighborhood was desmanled from Freguesia de Santo Antonio in 1844. During a century there was no development, but, later, a great time recording great economical and social reflourishment began. Several buildings were made in colonial style and, gradually, its confusion was turned into a nice view.

Ricardo Brennand Institute

IRB Entrada Museu de armas: Foto Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

Inserted in large green area, shelter imponent replica of medieval castel, besides pinacoteca e library. It keeps acquis of piece of art from anciente times and origins, rare books, besides a collectin of white weapons. The Institute was founded in 2002, by the executive and collector Ricardo Brennnad. For more info:


Olinda: Foto Passarinho / Pref. Olinda

The historical site of Olinda is an attraction in itself for the thirsty crop. One of the most important architectural complexes in the country, Olinda received the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, granted by Unesco, and the first Brazilian capital of culture. The old houses and charming hills add to the charm of the city, which also plays host to one of the most popular parties in Brazil: Carnival.







Here you will find culture, history, food and fun all in one place.

Doorway to the Northeastern region of Brazil, Recife, besides its beautiful landscapes, with bridges and rivers throughout the city, attracts thousands of tourists every year. Rich in cultural and folk manifestations, its roots are always expressed in its artistic essence and preserved as important cultural patrimony.

That is Recife … Beautiful by nature and full of personality.


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